Love is Fallen

Hi, I'm A.J., 18. I have 2 dogs and I'm a cat person. I live in Virginia, but I've been to more places than I can count. Turkey, Guatemala, Germany, Israel, you name it.

A friend of ours, the wife of a pastor at a church in Colorado, had once told me about something her daughter, Hannah, said when she was three years old. After the morning service was over one Sunday, Hannah tugged on her mom’s skirt and asked. “Mommy, why do some people in church have lights over their heads and some don’t?” At the time, I remember thinking two things: First, I would’ve knelt down and asked Hannah, “Did I have a light over my head? Please say yes!” I also wondered what Hannah had seen, and whether she had seen it because, like my son, she had a childlike faith.

Todd Burpo (via feellng)

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